Tailor-made website

Customised web solutions

Graphic design

Graphic design of web interfaces to ensure good visual communication for the company.

Website design

Technical design of showcase sites, e-commerce sites, informative sites and many other types of web sites…

Communication advice

Establishment of a communication plan, development of a digital strategy and advice on how to communicate better.

Personalised support

Whether it is for the creation of a new website or the redesign of an existing one, a company can request the help of a specialised web agency to benefit from personalised support.

The tasks of web development, mobile development or even web referencing require specific skills that you may not have within your organisation, hence the need to call on these professionals who offer you expertise on several levels.

Optimising the referencing of a website

Investing your time and money in SEO is very important because it offers you a very good return on investment. SEO is all about qualified traffic. Indeed, search engines have many criteria for referencing a site that you need to know in order to occupy the first places.

To succeed in your referencing, you must follow some basic rules. Structure your content, target the best keywords in relation to your theme, optimise semantics, propose internal and external links, structure with good tags and encourage the sharing of your content.

The graphic charter of a site

A graphic charter sets the rules for the use of the company’s graphic elements.

Logo and graphic design

The creation of your company logo is important for your image and brand identity.

Typographic exploration

Typography is essential to make all your communication materials attractive.

Ergonomics and web design

Web ergonomics is an undeniable growth lever for e-business companies.

Consult a communication agency

Companies know the importance of a good communication strategy for the success of their business. But to be successful, it is essential to call on the services of connoisseurs. The know-how of communication agencies helps you to design interesting online or other platforms, to implement an effective digital strategy and to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Graphic design at the service of your

The golden rules of web editing

There are several golden rules to follow to achieve SEO and customer satisfaction objectives. Your editorial teams must meet the expectations of your target audiences, use a web editorial charter, adopt a concise style and avoid jargon on the web. You must also take into account natural referencing for better search results and the animation of your site, yourself or via a specialised agency. And above all, pay attention to spelling mistakes.